SDU-Vikings is the Formula Student team at the University of Southern Denmark.

The team is currently developing the Viking X.

The Viking X is being developed with focus on reliability and costs without sacrificing performance. With this in mind, several components has been changed or redesigned compared to the Viking VIII but with the same flat accumulator container, giving a low center of gravity.

The electrical system of distributed nodes has been replaced with a central controller from B&R which is programmed by the students to control all of the electrical systems on the car, which includes both a mandatory safety chain, high speed datalogging and control of the inverters and motors on the basis of sensory inputs. Essential data is also transmitted via live telemetry to a computer so the engineers can monitor the car remotely while it is being driven.

On the mechanical side, the front end of the chassis has been redesigned to be narrower, have less tubes, and to have a more easily tunable suspension geometry. To ensure that the suspension points are where they are intended to be, an elaborate welding fixture has been made which is not only reusable but also fixates the suspension points. The wishbones both front and rear has been redesigned to be made of waterjetcut aluminum and thus keeps both the mass and the costs low while keeping strength high and predictable. Besides the above mentioned, the harness bar and upper side impact member has been redesigned to be rules compliant and to wrap it all up, a new bodywork is being designed.

In the 2017 season, we competed at FSUK with the Viking VIII where we had great results in the static events but due to mechanical issues were not given permission to drive the dynamic events. For more information on the previous cars, see "Team History" tab above.

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