SDU-Vikings racing team history

The SDU-Vikings Racing Team started in the fall of 2006 building their first car.

Viking I

During the first year, a team of 20 students, managed to create a concept about the first Viking, and participated in the summer 2007 as a class 2 concept car in FSUK - Silverstone. Meaning that they didn't actually race, but had a chance to show their ideas to the judges. The following year was then used to build the first racecar, which later became known as the Ikea car, due to it's wood design. They competed with this car as a class 1 car in FSUK - Silverstone in the summer of 2008.

Viking II

After participating in class 1, the rules state that a new car has to be created. So after the event, a team of 25 students consisting of 10 different nationalities and different lines of study, began working on the Viking II.

The Viking II, did - like the Viking I, run on petrol. Most of the wood however was replaced with carbon fiber - and around 40kg was optimized away. Furthermore an additional 20 hp was gained on the Viking II It competed at FSUK - Silverstone 2009.
At Silverstone the team won the "Most innovative use of an embedded system in the car" award. Because of our advanced electronics network.

Viking III

Our 3rd car used a Honda CBR 600RR engine, running on E85, to achieve a few horsepower less than the Viking II, but combined with a fully glassfiber bodywork; a weight reduction of about 50kg is achieved. At FSUK - Silverstone in 2010 the Viking III finished in 46th place.

Viking IV

Viking IV was the last combustion car. Using the same engine as the Viking III, it achieved approximately the same horsepower and weight. Although the overall design is a bit more sleek. It competed in 2011 both at FSUK - Silverstone ending with a 41th place, and for the first time, also in FSG - Hockenheim with a 45th place. However it was also with the Viking V at Baltic open in 2012.

Viking V

Viking V was the first electrical car, it had a glassfiber bodywork reinforced with Kevlar. It uses a Yasa 750Nm motor, giving it a lot of power, and a reduced weight of 10kg from the Viking IV, it managed to get a respectable 16th place out of 32 in FSG - Hockenheim 2012. As previously mentioned it also participated in Baltic Open 2012 together with the Viking IV.

Viking VI

Utilizing the same motor as the Viking V, but having developed both traction control and regenerative braking. The power of the motor is used in a much better way, and the capacity of the battery is reduced because of the regenerative braking system. This resulted in a car that weighed 217kg and an acceleration from 0-100km/h at 3.4 seconds.

At FSUK - Silverstone 2013 we achieved a 43th place, and at FSG - Hockenheim 2013 a 10th place out of 40 electrical cars, where we also came in 2nd in the Cost event. At FSH - Hungary 2013 we came in 24th place.

Viking VII

Our latest finished car is the Viking VII. After the Viking VI, the whole SDU-Vikings team became completely student driven. Whereas before the whole project was incorporated into elective courses and Bachelor/Master projects. Now it is more spare-time work.

Viking VIII - In progress...