Viking IX

To ensure the best racing experience, the car itself is made simple with a central PLC unit to control the electronic systems and with suspension that is designed to ease the setup of the car with pneumatic shock absorbers. The simple mechanics ensures low weight, and maintenance cost, but still allows to achieve great handling performance and ease of setup. With the electronic control and the dual motor system the car will deliver the traction to each rear wheel individually, which enables higher cornering speeds and out-of-corner accelerations. With the power to weight ratio of 0.35kW/kg, high torque and a low center of gravity, the car is agile enough to challenge even experienced drivers, but easy enough to drive for novices.

The mechanical design has been kept simple by using steel instead of carbon fiber, an example could be the chassis which also allows customers to repair the chassis, if needed, at a low cost. Many parts have been made identical, like uprights and brake calipers, which are the same on each axle. The benefit gain through symmetrical comment is lower cost price (economies of scale) for the car, it is also easier for the customer to bring sufficient spare parts to a track day if required.

580 V

80 kW

233.5 kg

10 inch aluminium wheels