Viking VII

A single YASA 750 engine is used to power the car. The motor is developed to work well with the Sevcon Gen4Size 8 inverter which is also the inverter used. Themotor prides itself of being an axial-flux motor and therefore gives a great torque density of 30Nm/kg. The motors high torque at low RPM eliminates the need for a gearbox.

The Viking VII car is a light and high performance car. The use of composites in both bodywork and suspension allows for a low weight together with an exclusive feel. A semi-active suspension system will be developed to improve road holding and manoeuvrability , together with advanced anti-slip control, the car will be ideal on a track with lots of corners in all road conditions .

The LiPo battery pack together with the high-performance electric motor, gives the car a Power-to-weight ratio of 0,45kW/kg. In order to compensate for the limited range, the car uses regenerative

braking which regenerates approximately 12 % in race conditions, and up to +20 % depending on the driver. The cars Ethernet network enables the semi-active suspension controls to run at 500Hz, which enables efficient road-holding controls.

403 V

100 kW

220 kg

Axial flux, permanently excitated motor